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‚Äč I value health, creativity and openness. 

True Opal

Why True Opal?


  • Results
  • Vitality
  • Balance


  • Willingness to receive
  • Thoughtful
  • Speaks my truth

Meet Amanda

What I'm excited about right now!

The new year is always a perfect time to reflect and reset. Join me for the True Opal Vision Board Series to align and center with the best parts of you. Manifest more of what you want and what brings you joy. 

Growing up, there was a lot of chaos around me.  The one person who I could always go to under any circumstance whether I was right or wrong was my Grandma.  She was a constant, sometimes the only constant in a whirlwind of uncertainty.  Her name was Opal.

True Opal is about coming back to your heart, back to your truth, and never giving up on your dreams - no matter how far away they may seem.


  • Innovation
  • Resourcefulness
  • Express Passion